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Geeta Engineering College has been a home. On occasions like our king’s birthday,Losar,National day etc. college supports us with funds and materials. Once a while we have Bhutanese students gathering here and college has been very supportive in organizing these events. Coming here was definitely a right choice. I am going back with lots of good memories. I am greateful to all Indian family members for all the support and encouragement.


I ahve great things & experience to share about Geeta Group of Institution. I Can speak with confidence and immense happiness that my life is truly changed by the Quality Education and knowledge, gained from GGI through the great eminent teachers and inspiring colleagues. I am a Happy student of this campus and a Proud Budding Professional.


It was my first day in college. I was very sacred because I have never been outside my state since my childhood and the second reason wase I belong to a diffrent culture. Whene I attended my class the students from differnt states were there make me feel like I was one among theme. The teachers are well qualified and well experienced. The college also provides bus facility for the muslims to offer prayer. Mostly paents do not allow theire child to study outside because of their safety issues but this college provides a good security to their students. I Qurat is highly proud to say that I am part of this college. GEC Roke!


Hi, I am kunal of BBA Batch(2015-18), staying in hostel and my one year experience in GEC has been extraordinary. It provides a plateform for students to nurture their personal and professional skills and bulids an environment with fertile brains. I can clerly see my bright future ahead and I can honestly say that I have a great respect and admiration for the teachers here. And couldn’t ask for better learning experience. With diversified culture and wonderful hostel facilities this place feels like a home to me. We enjoy our life at GEC and celebrate all festivals of our as well as other culture like Saraswati puja,Dashain & Tihar etc.


Every day is an opportunity to do more for growth. GEC has give me an oppourtunity to know myself and to grow in terms of knowledge. It helped me in grooming my personality as well as dreams. When initially came to GEC then i felt lonely and missed my home a lot. But after few days later I got my new friends, teachers,room partners from then I am happy in GEC and I like this college learning environment. I am happy in this college as I feel home and family around. So THANK YOU GEC FOR BEST SUPPORT TO ME.


I used to always dream big. As I’m doing my Management Studies Program with the globle environment like different students from various states,countries,cultures with the multiple thoughts and ideas which enhance me to groom myself to get ready for the corporate world as a talented Manager. “Dream Big Select GCE”


Mostly students need the environment to become well educated rather than becoming only literate. The student’s acceptation is for all round development and about their future security. The Career is the main priority for the student and they need the community to get the support in which they can groom in their talents. This college has provided an environment where I feel free to express myself and where I can engage in the activities which can render me to face the real values of life.


B.Tech, CSE(2012-2016)

Pratik Bhandari

A good career and a brighter future is what every student looks for. Getting into an international zone and adopting with the new environment is always a very hard matter for any student abroad. But joining GGI never made me feel away from home. It was always a feeling of “Home away from home”. Green lush environment, well experienced faculties, friendly environment, well equipped labs and libraries always helped me to flourish and extend my intellectual ability. It was a wonderful experience to spend my undergraduate time at GEC which has molded me into the one who can face any competitions of the ongoing market.

Pratik Bhandari,

B.Tech, CSE(2012-2016)