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3D Printing

B.Tech Mechanical Engineering specialization in 3D Printing

Programs Overview

3D Printing is known as additive manufacturing processes and one of the most demanding programs. As the technology keep on changing, students passionate about design and keep them in the forefront of the technology may prefers this course. Nowadays, Aerospace and Automobile industry have the maximum expenditure in 3D printing followed by electronics components, consumer durable products and medical implants. Industry using this technology reduces the manufacturing time and cost significantly in production of racing bike and robotic grippers etc.

B.Tech Mechanical Engineering with specialization in 3D Printing offers the program where students will get an opportunity to learn various design and simulation software apart from experimenting with the 3D printers. Apart from core courses students will be taught courses like internet of things, robotics, smart materials which will enhance student’s skill in the area of Design and 3D printing and excel their career.

The demand for skilled professional is not matching in the 3D Printing industry. It is no longer just about passion but top industries require the skilled professionals in Aerospace, Automotive, electronics, industrial machines, food industry etc. Survey says that in the last 4 years, number of jobs ad related to this industry has gone increased manifold. The technology is poised to explode and will create tremendous job opportunity for the 3D Printing and Design graduates. 

Why to choose this program:

  • Learn skills in areas such as 3D printing or Additive Manufacturing, Logistics and Supply Chain Optimization, Autonomous Equipment, Industrial design and many more.
  • Learn specialized skills alongside graduation thereby bridge the gap between industry and academia.
  • To be independent design thinker, innovator, entrepreneurs, design consultants, design managers and many more.
  • Industry oriented curriculum with consistent and recommended methods and concepts, reflective of intended product usage and industry best practices.
  • Hands-on experience on latest technology right at the campus.

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