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About Department

About Department

Mechanical Engineering is one of the core and oldest branches of Engineering. The discipline provides in-depth understanding of core concepts including mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, energy conservation and manufacturing. The Department of Mechanical is one of the four Engineering Departments. It is one of the largest Departments in Geeta Engineering College, Panipat. The Department established in 2008 has achieved commendable accomplishments and created an ecosystem for creating success stories for its faculty and students alike, and collaborate with industry and academia to innovate for social impact.

The foremost important objective of the department is to impart the students with a sound knowledge of the theory and exposure to practical knowledge through labs and field study. As far as Quality of Education is concerned, many of our undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students are serving in well-known private, public and government organizations and many of them have become entrepreneurs in the various fields of Mechanical Engineering and related industries.

A highly-qualified and experienced faculty with several patents and publications to its credit mentor students to achieve excellence in the career. For an exciting future on the edge of technology, this is the place to be!

The mechanical engineering discipline is very wide, few futuristic fields of these areas:

  • Energy Science & Technology
  • Propulsion
  • Sensing and Control
  • Nano- and Micro-mechanics
  • Design Mechatronics
  • Computational Simulation
  • Solid and Fluid Dynamics
  • Micro-Electromechanical Systems (MEMS)
  • Biomechanical Engineering

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO-1: The students will be well prepared academically for successful careers in industry/ consultancy/research & development/teaching/allied areas related to Mechanical Engineering.

PEO–2: The students will be engaged in professional and extension activities in the field of mechanical engineering and its allied areas and contribute to the profession and society at large by pushing the frontiers in technology.

PEO-3: The lifelong learning attitudes, ethics and values will be inculcated in the students that will help their career employability and growth in engineering, academia, defense, state and central government sectors.

PEO-4: The students will be groomed as   professional   engineers   , through this academic programme   enabling   them   to   contribute effectively to the growth and development of the knowledge body.


There are many career paths for Mechanical Engineers. Mechanical engineers are essential in government agencies, private and public sector undertakings. Application of Mechanical Engineering has spread right from the origin of the universe, its applications will continue working for ever and hence it is an ever green branch.

  • Evergreen and long-lasting
  • Common to all domains
  • Socially accepted by large
  • Broadest of all engineering fields,
  • Plenty and unending Job and entrepreneurial prospects

Today, the world is undergoing vast changes in the technological revolution, population growth, and environmental concerns. All these changes create unique challenges for Mechanical engineers. The next decade under the leadership of our prime minister will be the most creative, demanding, and rewarding times for Mechanical engineers particularly due to the “Make in India” & “Vocal for Local” mission of the Government of India.



Course Duration Sanctioned Intake
M. Tech

(Industrial & Production Engineering)

2 Years 18 Seats
B. Tech

(Mechanical Engineering)

4 Years 90 Seats
B. Tech

(Mechanical Engineering)

(Direct admission to 2nd year)

3 Years 18 Additional Seats

(Mechanical Engineering)

3 Years 90 Seats

(Direct admission to 2nd year)

2 Years 18 Additional Seats


  • The department developed a technological development ecosystem at Geeta Engineering College. It is a leading and dynamic faculty that is one of the foremost providers of high-level technical education and research in the College. The Faculty is renowned for its unique approach to innovations, its status and links with the industry.
  • Modern Lab facilities that include sophisticated experimental and computer laboratories have enabled the Department to establish various renowned centers of excellence.
  • Research Oriented Pedagogy
  • Industry Oriented Workshops
  • Live Projects
  • Students’ Driven Departmental Club Activities