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Q. I am a girl. Is Mechanical Engineering good for me?

Yes. There is a myth that non-circuit branches like Mechanical Engineering are not suitable for a woman. Though it is a fact that Mechanical demands a very high order or physical endurance, anybody irrespective of gender could study if he/she can stand the physical strain. In fact, the women who are pursuing Mechanical Engineering are excelling in different aspects much ahead of boys. So if you can withstand the long hours in workshops, just don‟t worry, go ahead with any branch you like.


Q Is English Fluency is important for an engineer?

Irrespective of the diversity of languages in India, a student must be fluent in English as the first language. In Engineering, all the subjects are taught in English language. For this reason, an expected level of proficiency in English language would be essential. This is important for them to step into a job market. Students lacking in this, suffers as they get rejected by companies during placement interviews due to inappropriate English skills. English act as a window for an engineer to gain knowledge of the developments in his/her field. To study abroad in some of the best universities in the world, students have to take up standardized tests to prove their English language proficiency. These tests play a major role for admissions to most of the universities overseas. These tests are measurements carried out to ensure that the students from non-English speaking countries are able to write, listen, and converse in English fluently. Geeta Engineering College, Panipat Delhi NCR – Best College for Mechanical Engineering For more details, feel free to call/whatsapp us @ 9896433400, [email protected]


Q How can you build your English skills?

Geeta Engineering College has the subject of Communication Skill as a part of its course curriculum. And students are regularly being asked to give presentation, training reports etc to hone their interpersonal skills. In addition, the college is having a completely dedicated Personality Development Programme to cope up with soft skill problems among the students. Grappling with the language # More than 25% engineers don‟t possess English Comprehension skills required to understand Engineering School Curriculum # Only 57% engineers can write grammatically correct sentences in English # Less than 48% engineers understand moderately sophisticated English words # More than 50% engineers would not be conversant with a majority of words that are used with regular frequency at work place # Not more than 30% engineering students, who undergo stress and exhaustion while preparing for entrance exam were acquainted with the word „exhaust‟ # Around 50% engineer possess grammar skills that are not better than class VII student


Q. Do add on courses really make a difference on the employability of the student?

India is facing shortage of engineers with enough technical talent. According to NASSCOM, each year over three millions graduates and post graduates are added to Indian work force. Of these only 25% of technical graduates and 10-15% of other graduates are considered employable. Poor quality of education, obsolete curriculum and aged infrastructure are the major reasons for the skill gap. As a result, the students who graduate are not well equipped with the required skill set and the companies incur addition cost to train these fresh graduates and newly hired employees. The students who are able to bridge this gap and offer themselves ready to work on projects from day are surely preferred employee for corporate. Unlike other fields, technology is constantly evolving and to keep pace with this change students need to look outside the university course, to get access to the cutting edge technology exposure. Geeta Engineering College, Panipat Delhi NCR – Best College for Mechanical Engineering For more details, feel free to call/whatsapp us @ 9896433400, [email protected]


Q. Can I get a job after my degree?

Geeta Engineering College attracts many recruiters to its campus but the ultimate responsibility lies with the students. While in college, student should start reading about the companies and talk to friends, teachers and family who so ever may be able to help you understand what companies look for in new hires. During the off campus search, Student must try to send resume in companies that may not come in campus but are still looking for hire fresher’s. Most of these positions will be advertised online in various online job portals. During the engineering programme, students must improve their skill by joining technology and soft skill course. Generally taking a certification will always help. Above all students are always advised to remain positive. If a student works hard, an opportunity must always come now or later.