7 worst new betting mistakes

Unhealthy excitement and desire to win back

Pari Match bet is a gambling game that has left thousands of people without money. And this is largely because they could not control their emotions. Both extremes are dangerous. Won several times in a row - rejoice, but do not be euphoric and act with a cool head as before. Winning is a dangerous thing, it can push you to bet even in an environment where you are not too sure, but hope for a chance and luck, "after all, it has already worked, and it is not so pity to lose what you earned."

Betting on your favorite team

Here, no matter how you control your emotions, there is still the wildest risk of breakdown. You can bet against your favorite team, so as not to be so upset about the defeat, but this does not apply to competent betting at all. Betting on your favorite team is dangerous, even if many pre-match layouts are in its favor.

Bets without preparation

Of course, no one guarantees that the bet will definitely pass if you prepared for the match in full and have complete information. This is a sport. Even if team A won all ten matches against team B, and even dry, there is always a risk that today, in the 11th game, there will be a draw. But it’s much worse if you don’t know about any series or any pre-match dealings at all. In this case, it is like a bet at random, which can go once or twice, but the long distance will gobble up all your cash reserves.

Improper money management

Throwing half the pot on a favorite is always very tempting - well, this will probably work, and you don't need to take a steam bath. Need to. And not because of the favorite. And due to the fact that there is a risk of giving away a lot of money on absolute stupidity. Competent allocation of funds is extremely important and no matter how much you want to put a lot on a seductive forecast, you cannot get frustrated.

Belief in low odds

Continuation of the previous point. Most of the bets with odds up to 1.3 will be winning, but the profit from them will be scanty, and one unsuccessful bet will swallow the earned earlier, this is pure mathematics

A lot of bets, betting every day

If you are very serious about betting, read and prepare a lot, but bet a lot and do not take breaks, you will surely start to lose in the future. One of the main principles of a bettor is not to turn into a zombie, since a brain sharpened only for sports analytics and plowing seven days a week will simply refuse to perceive new information and unload it on the shelves.

Sports contracting and catching

The Internet has long been replete with attractive messages about "100% agreements", information about which can be bought for a meager amount. This is a pure scam that should be ignored at all times. Information about agreements is possessed by a very narrow circle of people who would never sell it for very little money.